Other Titled Collateral Loans

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Finance your new boat, RV, ATV or farm equipment with our Other Titled Collateral loan!
  • 48 and 60-month terms
  • Balloon note option available – Amortize up to 15 years!
  • 0.25% automatic payment discount
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Auto Pay Discount

Knock 0.25% off your interest rate when you set-up automatic payments on your new loan!

Extend Your Term

Don't stop at 60. Amortize your camper or boat loan up to 180 months!

Pay Online

Access and pay off your loan right from your devices with Online Banking!

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*Rate discounts on the above are based on the following credit scores: 700 or greater – 3.50% 650 to 699 – 3.00% and 600 to 649 – 1.00%. Balloon note option available for amortization up to 15 years. Automatic payment rate discount is -0.25% (excluding mortgage and home equity).