Certificates of Deposit

Save money. Earn money.

Earn more without the temptation to spend your growing investment with an APY higher than most savings accounts.
  • 3 to 60-month term options
  • Child CD’s available
  • One time rate bump-up option
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To open your certificate of deposit

Choose Your Term

MECE Credit Union offers 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, 48, & 60-month certificates.

Increase Your Yield

Certificates of Deposit compound interest quarterly, upping your annual yield.

Bump Up Your Rate

“Bump-up” your existing rate to the current rate, without changing the maturity date. *

Open for a Child

CDs for children under 18 require only a $100 minimum investment.

Ready to Get Started?

Follow the process below to open a CD though online banking. If you prefer to set-up your CD with a representative, contact us!
  • 1
    Login to Online Banking

    No Online Banking? No problem! Call us at 573.634.2595 and we'll get your CD all set up.

  • 2
    Add Account

    Click the Menu in Online Banking. Select ''Add Account.'' From there, select ''CD''

  • 3
    Transfer Funds

    Choose your desired CD type and term. Fill-in the required information. Click ''Complete.''

Open Account

*Rate bump-up available on regular and children’s certificates with terms of 24, 36, 48, and 60 months. This allows you to “bump-up” your existing certificate rate to the current rate within the same term, without changing the maturity date of the certificate. Rate “bump-up” allowed once during the life of the CD.