Extended Warranty

Route 66 Powersports Extended Warranty

Protect your investment with extended warranty protection for your automobile, motorcycle, and ATV/UTV

Extended Warranty/Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP)

Route 66 Warranty is a full line of coverage that is designed to keep your vehicle where it should be, out on the road. Even some of the most reliable vehicles may develop mechanical problems and that is where Route 66 Warranty can help. No matter where in the United States your travels may take you, it will protect you against major mechanical expenses, and there is NO DEDUCTIBLE on any covered parts and labor. All of the plans come with 24/7 Emergency Roadside Service.

Learn more about Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP) by contacting a loan officer at 573-634-2595.

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Guaranteed Asset Protection Advantage (Gap Advantage)

GAP Advantage covers the “gap” between your vehicle’s value and the amount you still owe, including the insurance deductible.  An added benefit of purchasing GAP coverage is that you also receive an Auto Deductible Reimbursement policy. Some of the benefits this policy includes is that it will pay up to $500 per loss (a limit of two losses per year) and the coverage is effective upon the date of enrollment and will continue for (3) three years. As a bonus, if your vehicle is totaled or stolen and not recovered, you are eligible to receive an additional $1,000 credit toward the finance or purchase of a replacement vehicle – if you finance your replacement vehicle with MECE Credit Union.

Learn more about GAP Advantage by contacting a loan officer at 573-634-2595.

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