Recurring Transfers

Earn More with Recurring Transfers

Saving for the unexpected means more today than ever before. And your membership benefits can help you save even more.

Your savings account currently earns 0.75% – That’s 12.5 times the national average+. And recurring automatic transfers to Savings can help you maximize your return.

  • Transfer Funds Automatically on A Schedule
  • Customize Your Transfer Amounts – No Minimum!
  • Manage Your Transfers in Online Banking

Simple One Time Set-Up

To schedule automatic transfers in Online Banking
  1. Login to Online Banking
  2. Click “Transfers” in the Menu
  3. Customize Your Transfer,  Click “Submit”, then “Confirm”

No Online Banking? No Problem!

For questions or help setting-up your recurring transfers, call (573) 634-2595. Or complete the form below to request a call!

+According to the FDIC, as of August 20, 2020, the National Savings Rate is 0.06%.