Card Information

Important Phone Numbers and websites

  • The new after hours phone number that members can call for Transaction Assistance 24/7  is Toll Free 888.526.0404 and Collect 206.352.4954
  • For Credit/Debit/HSA Card Activation – (800) 411-6390
  • Card PIN change number (877) 746-6746
  • Outside the US and Canada Card Activation number (206) 352-3477 collect
  • Card Activation website
  • Lost/Stolen number (800) 682-6075
  • Outside the US and Canada Lost/Stolen number (206) 352-3482 collect
  • Lost/Stolen website

ATM/Debit Cards

The ATM/Debit card is available to all members of MECE Credit Union at no charge. This convenient service gives members instant access to available account funds. An ATM card may be used at any automatic teller machine that displays the CO-OP or MoneyPass symbol to check balances, transfer money, and withdraw cash from savings or checking accounts with no transaction fees charged to your account. ATM’s that are not part of the CO-OP or MoneyPass networks may charge additional fees for these services.

Your Debit card allows purchases to be made anywhere a Visa card is accepted and it will instantly withdraw the amount of purchase directly from your checking accounts.

Health Savings Account Card

Health Savings Account (HSA) Cards allow you to access your HSA funds for medical purposes.  Your HSA Debit card allows payments to be made anywhere a Visa card is accepted and it will instantly withdraw the amount of payment from your HSA account.  Retain your receipts when using your HSA card for IRS tax reporting purposes.

VISA Credit Cards

Apply for a either a Classic Visa or Platinum Visa credit card with a low fixed rate. This card offers no annual fee, a free 24-hour, 7-day a week customer service number, and automatic payment is offered through payroll. You will receive a twenty-five day grace period where no interest is due if the balance is paid in full.

Click Here for a Visa Application

Your MECE Credit Union visa card is now available through your on-line account access.  This convenient service allows you to pay your MECE Credit Union Visa bill on-line or by phone.  You may also look at transaction history, access monthly statements, set credit card limits, and more.

Verified By Visa – Verified by Visa is a global solution designed to make eCommerce transactions more secure. It helps ensure that payments are made by the rightful owner of the Visa account, building consumer confidence in online shopping.  To enroll your card, please click the following link – MECECU Verified By Visa

Take advantage of these great services and enroll your MECE Credit Union Visa card today. For a copy of our loan disclosures please contact the Credit Union at 573-634-2595.

Visa Gift Cards

Trying to find that perfect gift for Christmas, birthday, office giveaway and yet it continues to elude you? MECE Credit Union is here to help. Purchase a Visa Gift Card for only $2.00 and have it pre-loaded with any amount you wish to give. These cards may be used anywhere a Visa Credit Card is accepted.