2019 December Newsflash

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Financial Tips for the New Year

Build Your Budget
Identify your net income, expenses, and savings. Set financial goals and record your spending to track progress.

Create an Emergency Fund
Start setting aside small amounts to reach the recommended 3-6 months’ living expenses.

Complete a Financial Wellness Review
Review your credit report for errors, decide if debt consolidation is necessary, and evaluate interest rates. If needed, consider refinancing or reinvesting.

We’ll do the review for you: Call or email today!

Tax Form Availability

Prepare for tax season with our tax form FAQs!

Consider Your HSA Today

A health savings account helps you save for future medical expenses.

  • Tax-Free Contributions Earn 2.00% APY*
  • Free HSA Debit Card & Checks
  • Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction Options
  • No Maintenance Fees



*Rates subject to change.

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