We offer competitive and attractive rates in our robust line-up of deposit and retirement products. You’ll earn even more on your regular checking account balance with MECE CU. Review our rate options below.

MECE Account Rates

Account TypeRateAPY
Christmas1.25%Dividends pay annually on September 30th
Vacation1.25%Dividends pay annually on April 30th
My Club1.25%Dividends pay annually on anniversary date
Club Accounts have a maximum deposit limit of $10,000


Certificates of Deposit

MaturityMin DepositRateAPY
3 Months$5001.10%1.10%
6 Months$5001.60%1.61%
12 Months$5002.10%2.12%
18 Months$5002.15%2.17%
24 Months$5002.20%2.22%
36 Months$5002.35%2.37%
48 Months$5002.50%2.52%
60 Months$5002.65%2.68%
Dividends are paid quarterly and children CDs (members under the age of 18) may be opened with a minimum of $100.


IRA & HSA Certificates of Deposit

MaturityMin DepositRateAPY
3 Months$5001.10%1.11%
3 Months Jumbo IRA$100,0001.25%1.26%
6 Months$5001.60%1.61%
6 Months Jumbo IRA$100,0001.75%1.76%
12 Months$5002.10%2.12%
12 Months Jumbo IRA$100,0002.25%2.27%
18 Months$5002.15%2.17%
18 Months Jumbo IRA$100,0002.30%2.32%
24 Months$5002.20%2.22%
24 Months Jumbo IRA$100,0002.35%2.38%
36 Months$5002.35%2.38%
36 Months Jumbo IRA$100,0002.50%2.53%
48 Months$5002.50%2.53%
48 Months Jumbo IRA$100,0002.65%2.68%
60 Months$5002.65%2.68%
60 Months Jumbo IRA$100,0002.80%2.84%
Dividends are paid monthly
IRA Share accounts pay monthly dividends at the same rate as savings accounts.