Photocard Requirements

Review The Rules

Photocards operate under the same rules and regulations as a regular Visa debit card. There are some restrictions on the images that you may personalize your card with. Please see the list of exceptions below.
  • Images including any of the following will be rejected:
    • Trademarks, copyrighted materials, advertising, or branding
    • Celebrities, musicians, athletes, entertainers, or other public figures (unless you are with them in the image)
    • Telephone numbers, URLs, account numbers, addresses, or email addresses
    • Cartoon characters or artwork that you have not created and/or do not have permission from the copyright owner to use
    • Violent, offensive, anti-social, or death imagery – including any other material that could be perceived as violent
    • Provocative, lewd, or sexual content – including nude, semi-nude, or partially clothed pictures of people of any age
    • Dead animals, including game animals
    • Political or religious imagery
    • Symbols representing money or other content that might result in confusion at the point of sale, or that might result in card fraud
    • Socially unacceptable or discriminatory behavior or signs.  Example, gangs, hatred, drug or alcohol abuse, graffiti, profanity, or other obscene behavior or gestures
    • Images of flags
  • You will be notified by email if your card image has been accepted or rejected
  • When your photocard expires, a new card will automatically be sent with the same image as your most recent card, unless you upload a new image at least three months prior to expiration date
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*Your first check order must be placed through the credit union. All future check orders may be placed online.